Ritual Commerce

The bridge between the emotional and the actionable


fence of separation

Element of Ritual: Separation

Because the purpose of ritual is to enable a transition between identities, it begins with an act of detachment.

lost in the mist

Element of Ritual: Disorientation

The disorientation inherent in the ritual process sets the stage for creative visions that provide the foundation for innovations.

transgression broken window

Element of Ritual: Taboo and Transgression

As ritual participants break specific rules, they prove that they are willing and capable of rejecting the norms that once defined them.

bird with shoes

Element of Ritual: Symbolic Recombination

Symbolic recombination is a cultural analogue to genetic recombination, sparking fruitful innovation.

ritual guide

Element of Ritual: Guidance

Ritual guides are the stage managers of the liminal performance, with the responsibility of maintaining a tricky balance in the threshold experience.

trial and reward

Element of Ritual: Trial and Reward

Rather than shrinking from pain and loss, people often seek out challenging experiences because they yearn for opportunities to be tested, and to prove their worthiness.

monk in train station

Element of Ritual: Reorientation

The process of ritual disorients by design, in order to make people receptive to the transformative experiences contained within the liminal sphere. Well-designed rituals, however, never leave participants in this fluid state. Because the purpose of ritual is transformation, effective…..